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Gujarati sit down comedy! (at SLPS Hall)

Human waste

The world must build toi­lets to save lives
THE prac­tice of open defe­ca­tion is increas­ing­ly dan­ger­ous to pub­lic health when peo­ple crowd close togeth­er. Worms and bac­te­ria spread by human w …

Economist blames “traditional” Hindu religion for the open defecation and lack of toilets in India. How the fuck is this acceptable? If this was said about any other religion everyone would be calling these assholes what they are— ignorant shitheads.

Deprivation’s real cause: English

Mohan-ji recent­ly for­ward­ed me this excel­lent arti­cle by Madhu Kish­war* titled, “Depri­va­tions real lan­guage” . Madhu-ji writes how amidst the furore over reser­va­tions and quo­tas, peo­ple a …

Nice article by Madhu Kishwar on how India’s obsession over speaking English (mainly by India’s left liberals) has created an artificial barriers for millions of brilliant individuals to succeed.

Suhag A. Shukla, Esq.,

The White House just issued a state­ment about our impos­ing seri­ous sanc­tions on the coun­try of Ugan­da for a law, signed by Pres­i­dent Yow­eri Musev­eni in Feb­ru­ary, which crim­i­nal­izes homo­sex­u­al­i­ty. The U.S. has cut aid, imposed v…

This is important to note for Indians/Hindu’s for two reasons, first because Christian evangelicals are also active in India to create laws which effect India’s unity, ex. special courts and rights for minorities, and secondly because when it comes to Homosexual’s rights Indian Church’s have been hypocritical, opposing their rights internally but publicly putting forth a “modern” face.

Gandhi license plate in Fayetteville, AR!

Middle of no-where in Arkansas! Has station serving Indian food. (at Kountry Xpress)

Some wisdom are eternal #Gandhi

Few months back, I had the opportunity to meet individuals from different backgrounds in Dallas.  These individuals wanted to do “something” to assure a 272 victory for Modi led BJP.  These individuals were beaming with patriotism and desire to see a prosperous and better India. One was a young woman who was concerned about safety of women in India (she was from Delhi), there was a young man in his early 30’s who was disgruntled by AAP (an ex-AAP supporter), there were people from almost all corners of India who were concerned about their home state development, and yes there was an old dadaji who was concerned about impending end of Hindu Dharma!  All of these individuals saw hope in Narendra Modi as they believed he would change the course of India’s future for the better.  

These individuals mobilized and worked day and night to do whatever little they could to assure a Modi led BJP victory.  Today when the Modi led BJP has been given an unprecedented mandate, it is time for all the volunteers across the world to rejoice.  It was the perspiration of these countless volunteers that Modi has been able to pull of this miracle and decimate one of the most corrupt political party/family the world has seen in recent history.  

But now what?  In Democracy 101, it is understood that a democracy can only function well if it has a strong opposition.  This election in my opinion has eradicated strong political opposition in India.  Yes, the non-NDA parties have won 207 seats out of 543, but these MP’s will not provide an effective opposition. By knowing Modi’s style of functioning in Gujarat, he would work on creating “files” on individuals whom might choose to give him a good opposition (this reflects more on the compromised MP than on Modi).  Due to this, the only option India has is for the countless volunteers who worked day and night to get Modi elected to turn themselves into strong pressure groups.  

These groups can choose to divide themselves on issues like women safety, labor laws, cultural values, or even on the basis of one’s State development.  These pressure groups can use their influence to pressure the government on important issues, thus preventing the government from becoming complacent due to the lack of opposition.  Another impact these pressure groups would have is that finally in India right-of-center political ideology (which describes most Modi supporters) can set the agenda, instead of the far left and the far right.  

These volunteers have the momentum and expertise needed to become pressure groups, so why waste this great opportunity?  The work for Narendra Modi’s fans is till not over.  They have the responsibility now to make sure their leader is held accountable for his promises or else the dream of a better India would turn out to be a pipe dream.

Weekend WSJ Front Page! #indiaelection

10 Countries With the Most Journalist Deaths Since 2004 [CHART]
Matt Petronzio,

Image: Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images

Hun­dreds of jour­nal­ists are killed, injured or impris­oned in the line of duty each year. Report­ing on issues and events in war-torn coun­tries affect­ed by con­flict is increas­ing­ly dan­ger­ous, and the…

India is 8th in list of journalist killed in the line of duty.

National Geographic did a very informational story on Coal fuel and if it can ever be “clean.”  Since India is the fifth largest coal reserve and is going to require more utilization of its coal to produce electricity it did a story on India’ coal mines and their human impact.  

The human impact is awful, as you would be able to see from the pictures.  Coal as a cheap source of energy is vital for India economic growth, but it needs to be utilized by first ensuring better work conditions and safety of our miners.  Our growth cannot be at the cost of the lives of our miners and their families.  

As accepted everyone joins in as soon as Bhajrah starts! (at Crow Collection of Asian Art)

at Crow Collection of Asian Art

Crow Collection of Asian Art is having a India Night (at Crow Collection of Asian Art)